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Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS
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Female Physician Entrepreneurs Group

With over 9,000 members, we are the largest global community of women physicians entrepreneurs.

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Expressive Creativity Tools

I created Mind Lull because too many women business owners are burnt out.

We have ideas and we know we want more but we don't know where to start.

We need to slow down and dig deep to move forward. Most of us are too busy on the hamster wheel because this is what we are told we need to do.

But what if that isn't right?
What if there were options?

Very few of us take the Lulls
to reassess and reflect.

The Mind Lull Method was designed help with clarity when the path appears unclear.  

Female Physician Entrepreneurs Podcast

Each Tuesday morning get ready for another episode of the Female Physician Entrepreneurs Podcast designed to help you grow your business.

These episodes are under 15 minutes each.

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Learn new skills that you can apply to your
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Hear inspiring stories from other industry leaders

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My Why

After experiencing severe burnout...enough to walk away from a plastic surgery practice, I have learned that mindset is everything.

After deep soul searching and transformation, I reinvented myself by stepping outside of my comfort zone.

I started Female Physicians Entrepreneurs because I want to gift women physicians with a supportive space where they could come and learn about business without judgement.

No question is too basic.

I now empower other women physicians who want to take action and find clarity by providing tools which help us to succeed. 

My tools were created to help move you from point A, stuck and confused to point B,
clear and feeling fulfulled.

Sharon T McLaughlin MD  FACS


Priyanka V

FPE Business school has been an amazing place for me to continue to learn and grow as a small business owner. As a new entrepreneur, I felt supported and guided through the early beginning stages of growing a business. I value the guest lecturers who have given amazing informational talks about different topics. Mainly, I get value from the community, the accountability and the collaboration. The value comes from sharing/pooling our resources, referring vetted services, being accountable not only to each other but to Dr. Sharon McLaughlin who pushes us to do better and leaves no person behind. Thank you Sharon for setting up this amazing space where everyone helps lift each other up!"

"Sharon T McLaughlin thank you so much for helping me come up with a solid plan for my business. I’d been stuck and spinning my wheels for a while, but after our strategy session, I feel like it all makes sense… An “aha!” moment  As I re-launch and grow the business, I’m excited to keep working with you! "

Lillian K

"Sharon, thank you for giving me clarity on my way forward. Your ability to listen to my challenges and understand my frustration at not making the progress I expected, wanted and needed has been fantastic. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to fly. I know what direction to take and the days of sitting aimlessly at the computer are over. I will always be grateful for what you have shared. I can now say confidently I am excited with each day. Thank you.."

Julie L

Business Coaching

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