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Sharon Mack Consulting


Helping others to achieve a lifestyle they love. 

How do you do that?
You take action. 

Learn new computer skills and be surrounded with those who are taking acton, building an online business and helping others.

I empower those who want to take action by providing the tools needed to succeed.

Only you can make the changes in your life.
Sharon Mack

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"I cannot say enough to thank Sharon for being so insightful. She understands the ins and outs of the business and has been instrumental in helping me scale my business to new levels. As a mom, I can totally relate with Sharon. As early as the first phone call, I could tell that my business was going to soar. No more wasting time doing things that don’t work. I am simply applying what Sharon taught me and I continue to see results."

Kinya K

"Sharon T McLaughlin thank you so much for helping me come up with a solid plan for my business. I’d been stuck and spinning my wheels for a while, but after our strategy session, I feel like it all makes sense… An “aha!” moment  As I re-launch and grow the business, I’m excited to keep working with you! "

Lillian K

"Sharon, thank you for giving me clarity on my way forward. Your ability to listen to my challenges and understand my frustration at not making the progress I expected, wanted and needed has been fantastic. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to fly. I know what direction to take and the days of sitting aimlessly at the computer are over. I will always be grateful for what you have shared. I can now say confidently I am excited with each day. Thank you.."

Julie L

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