How to grow your warm market

If you are going to sell then you need a market to sell your products and services to. Your warm market is everyone you have made contact with. It does not have to be a close friend. It could be someone you see just once in awhile. Think of your favorite coffee cafe. Do you know someone by their first name even though you don’t really know them? The same is true for your online presence. You come across many people that you may not know that well.

Your warm market is a better source of leads because because they already know, like, and trust you. You have a better chance of them saying yes to your opportunity compared to your cold market. Now you don’t want to try to sell to the same people over and over again, you will run out of leads. If you work on growing your warm market, you will have a constant source of warm leads.

A cold market is a market in which you have had no interaction with. Your cold market is unlimited! The goal is to convert your cold market into your warm market. Well, how do you do that you may be asking?

Time and effort will get you results.

Build rapport!

How to grow your warm market

Grow your warm market with social media

A simple way to do this a make comments on someone social media post. Now, I am not talking “Looks great”. No, it has to be something more involved. “Susie, Your top is beautiful, it makes your eyes shine so bright. Tell me where I should shop for that?” It does not have to be this line but it has to engage someone.

Think of the people as you scroll your social media pages. Ask yourself, “Would any of these people have interest in my products and opportunity? ”

Target people who you believe would be in your target market. I talk about target markets HERE.

Facebook groups are a great way to interact and engage. People in these groups that you belong to usually have a  similar interest, this is why you are in the Facebook group with them.


Look to build a genuine relationship, these comments should be unique, honest, and meaningful.

Some tips on engaging,

#1 Use the person’s name, it is more personable.

#2 Complement. Everyone could benefit from a complement here and there.

# 3 Ask a question that could not be answered with a yes or no.

Try not to cut and paste a cookie cutter conversation, you will be trading quality for quantity.

Now, I do feel the need to warn you about Social media. Is is addicting! Have a few rules.

If what you are doing is not working towards your goal of selling then stop doing it. Forget watching the orange cat in the video. If you feel that you are wasting too much time on social media  then set a 10 minute timer. Engage, comment,  then go until the next time. Remember if the person responds, it is a good idea to respond back to buld that warm market.

Once you build a rapport, send them a friend request along with a message.


The message should say something like,  “Hey Susie, I saw your comment about the the fitness classes on Park Ave, I am signing up for one next week. I thought it would be great to connect”

Then Wait.

If there is no friend acceptance, move on. Life is short.

if there is a yes to the friend acceptance then continue the conversation but do not mention what you are selling. A lot of people are selling on social media and people are sensitive to it. With time, your  services and products will come up naturally. Look as the other person as two people just connecting and someone you are trying to sell to.

Do not pitch and do not send links.

Remember the cold market is unlimited. This approach will take time but you have potential to grow and nurture your leads.

More social media tips to grow your warm market

Do not just show a product by itself in a post. For instance, if you sell shakes do not just post a picture of a shake. Post a picture showing you drinking the shake saying something like “I am starting the day off right with plenty of sleep , energy and my favorite shake.” Aim at telling a story when posting.

How have the products changed your life? Tell people but do not oversell. It is best to scan posts for which your product can offer a solution. If you see a problem in a post that your products can solve you may want to mention that. Say something like, “I have used xxx with good results.”

Grow your warm market with content

Generating quality content on a consistent basis  will help grow your warm market. If you are going to go this route think about all the ways you can repurpose your content. For instance, if you did a blog post could you break it up to different quotes or sections that can be used in a few social media posts with a link back to the site?

Could you do a few social media posts and use that as a blog post?

Could you do a video and incorporate that into a blog post? You can upload the video to a social media platform like Vimeo or YouTube then link the video to blog post.

Could you record the sound on your video and make that into an audio file for a podcast?

The answer to all these questions is yes, you just have to do it.

The bottom line is that it take time to produce content. Don’t let your time be wasted, you need to repurpose your content in many ways. This will save you time and effort.


If you are building your online presence and offering quality content it will come. Your work will spread because people like to share quality content. Keep the blinders on and just work it!

Incentives to build your warm market

Once you have established a warm market you can offer an incentive. Do you want to offer a discount or a free magnet lead to help get their email and continue the communication? I talk about lead magnets HERE

Referrals to build your warm market

As you build relationships online it is okay to ask for referrals.

Timing is key

You are putting time and effort into your business. Don’t be too eager to pitch to your cold market, most people will not be ready for this.

Think about online relations as an offline relationship. Would you meet someone and ask for a referral. You could but that person does not really know you. Why would they want to give you a referral. If they did not know you why would they want to buy from you. Thinking of an online relationship this way will help you navigate the terrain better.

Growing your warm market the right way is one area of potential leads that you simply can’t afford to ignore. Be patient and it will come.

Do you have any thought on growing your warm market?