Using SEO to build your online  business

We live in a digital world, businesses and consumers carrying out most of their transactions online. Statista projects the global e-commerce market to reach up to $4.5 trillion by the year 2020. Using search engine optimization to increase your business websites online presence is important for your business growth.

Bloggers and large business corporations leverage the power of the internet through building and running high- quality websites. Yet, in order to experience and increase traffic to your website, SEO and Content Marketing are two factors that should be utilized.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aids in increasing traffic to your website by improving your ranking performance. Content marketing on the other hand, as the name suggests, focuses on creating quality content. The content should be valuable and should be able to drive clients into action for profit.

According to a number of  digital commerce experts, SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. Ensuring and maintaining SEO in content marketing is imperative, and below are some of the reasons why.

using seo to grow your online buisnessImprove User Experience

SEO goes beyond the optimization of content and linkbacks. SEO is also useful in helping optimize what is termed as the robots.txt file. This is what web robots use to find information about their site and content. The better optimized your robot.txt, the more likely your site will rank better and be accessed.

If your robot.txt is not optimized, however; visitors will be unable to access your site.

SEO is also important in improving metadata and using tags as per requirement. Using taglines appropriately help categorize the information accordingly. Moreover, doing this makes it easier for search engines and visitors to understand your content just by reading the title tags.

This helps improve user- experience tremendously.

Increase Traffic

High-quality content is more likely to be recognized, rather than poor- quality content laden with keywords. However, high quality should always be augmented with SEO to further improve its quality and ability to perform well.

High- authority sites are likely to recognize good quality content and even use links that lead back your content. Essentially, the best way to get link banks and get into link building is by practicing good SEO practices and maintaining high-quality content.

Quality Content

More than anything else, search engines such as Google value quality content.  Moreover, Google values fresh content that is valuable and helpful. This is why having a blog is important. Using SEO in content marketing helps maintain and develop quality content.

In fact, Google uses Query Deserved Freshness (QDF). This is where Google searches for fresh content on a very popular topic and rank it higher than the others. Hence, website owners can really benefit from producing fresh, yet relevant and valuable content.

Avoid creating content that is repetitive and of low- quality. These types of content do not rank well, regardless of how many keywords you’ve stuffed in it.

In conclusion, the days of overusing keywords to rank high in an organic search result are gone.  Google penalizes those that overuse keywords these days. The focus is to create high-quality content that is fresh, informative and relevant.

You have to be strategic in your keyword use. Use them only when needed and practice SEO on your taglines, metadata and robot.txt to increase performance.

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