Using automated emails for your online business

What are automated Emails?

Automated email is a  forms of email marketing. Rather than single blasts of one email you would  set up your list to received Emails automatically. Today I would like to talk about using automated Emails for your online business.

using automated emails in your bsuinessWhy are automated email important for your business?

Email marketing continues to reign as the highest performing marketing channel for return on investment (ROI), according to the 2018 Email Marketing Industry Census.

Let’s look at some numbers

Email Marketing By The Numbers

  • The number of global email users continues to  growing exponentially. According to :Statista reported in 2017 there were 3.7 billion email users worldwide. That number is projected to grow to  4.1 billion users by 20121.
  • Email remains the  top lead generation tool. Most companies (89%) osay that email is the leading marketing channel for bringing in leads.
  • According to Wordstream Blog, Shoppers who purchase from emails received spend more, with estimates of 138% more.
  • Email subscribers are nearly 4x more likely to share your content on social media than leads who came in from any other channel according to Quicksprout.

Are we convinced yet that Email marketing is a must?

Services that provide email automation for your business

There are a few companies that provide email automation. I use Active Campaign. There platform is robust and when it comes to Emails the better segmentation you can do the better. It makes sense. You have customers but depending on their prior purchases and open rates you will have a good ideas of what to send to who.

Active Campaign allows you to segment, tag and target.

Benefits of email automation

It is estimated that Email drip campaigns have a 80% higher open rate and 300% higher click-through-rates.

Doesn’t it make sense to use automation in your business?

You can use use a series of Email automations to build brand awareness.

Build trust and ultimately purchases.

It saves you time! rather than sending one email here and there you set up a series of emails and let it run. Those emails that are used in the series can generally be duplicated then tweaked to your needs.

Targeted Emails

It is the most effective way to engage email marketing, because you are able to use analytics to find the right audience for your special or announcement.

Tips for emails

Personalize them. Personalized emails can lead to a 6x higher purchase rate that one size fits all.

Types of email automation

A simple email automation campaign can be made of a few emails that are sent out on a timed basis to everyone who, say, enters your online contest. This is a good place to start if you are new at email automations.

A complex email automation campaign can be comprised of emails that will be sent depending on the action. The Email path will vary depending on the action of the prospect. Say for instance an email was not opened. Yo could send another email 3 days later that is similar. If emails were opened you would be able to determine click through rate. if no purchase was made you can then send a coupon with the next email enticing your prospect to buy.

Types of emails to include in your email automation for your business

Remember you do not always want to be selling to your your customers. Keep in contact with them so your brand is on their mind but provide useful information that your customer can gain from.

Welcome email

When someone signs up for your emails, send them a welcome email and let them know about your business. Give people quality. Remember there is a ton of noise out there. You want to offer some information that your prospect will benefit from.

Discount email

Send a coupon and entice your customers to shop.

Product launch

Are you launching a new product? Let your customers know.


Are there any events coming up that you would like your prospects to know about? Ensure you are taking pictures and videos. Yes, videos which can be used for social media and future blog posts.

Abandoned cart emails.

There are many people who decide to abandon a cart. It could be that they are no longer interested in buying your product or it could be that they became distracted. A reminder abandonment cart email can help increase sales.

Birthday emails

Sending a personal touch is a great way to keep in touch with your customers.

Anniversary emails.

Anniversary is another day that you can use automated emails to send promo codes. This works good for restaurants.

Courses deliver through emails

Have you through about offering a course. You could deliver the course through automated Emails.

Analyze your email automation data

Do not set and forget your email automations, track and measure results.

When you’re using email marketing automation software, you can track, measure and improve your campaign returns.

What should you look at?

  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate of your links
  • Conversions analytics of email automation. You can track your click-through rates and other actions customers take when they visit your campaign landing page.
  • Your sales team can then pick the most interested, engaged customers to more easily get the sale.
  • You can retarget the customers who clicked on your link.

Problems with email automations

Send a test email to ensure that you have set up the automation correctly.

Don’t be overwhelmed!

Email automation may appear complicated at first but as with anything else it will take a little training to get comfortable with the system. Given the benefits of Email automation this is a good tool to use in your business.

How To Set Up Active Campaign Automation